Suite 11

The Rolls Royce of suites, this has to be one of our most popular units and as such, very often booked. A very large, spacious suite which boasts a large full bathroom with bath and shower, a full kitchen with gas stove and oven, a bar counter and full lounge. It's a bedsitter and has a king bed, that can split into 2 singles, plus a single bed in the main living area. In addition, there is a small room separated from the main area by glass doors that house an additional double bed, allowing the Suite to comfortably sleep 4 people and idea for a family or two business clients. Suite 11 forms part of the bottom thatch block of 3 units close to the dams and away from main block. Suites 9 & 10 are just around the corner, making it ideal for people that know each other to be close together.

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